Chansons Bratz sings

Quelques chansons Bratz de 2004 à 2009 / Sings from 2004 to 2009 : cliquez sur le nom de la chanson pour l'écouter / Click on the song name to hear it

Chansons de films Bratz de 2004 à 2009/ Bratz movies songs from 2004 to 2009
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Divers One day True friends Space Angelz Doing it right Let's get to it Ready Or Not Catch Me
If You Can
I've Opened
My Eyes
Rock AngelzBratz film 2 So Good Change The World I Don't Care All About You Who I Am So What You Think It Could Be Yours
Rock Angelz (suite) Lookin' Good Rock The world Stand Out Nobody's Girl Se Siente Hey, When The
Angels Play
Sparkle & shine Grow up
Genie MagicBratz film 3 Me & My Girls Make You
Wanna Dance
Never Gonna
Give Up
The Way
We Shine
When We're
All Together
Only You Livin'It Up Life's A
Wild Ride
Genie Magic (suite) All Together Makin It Happen Invincible Générique de fin
Passion 4 fashion DiamondzBratz film 5 Ooooh Fashion Wazz Up Keep It Up What's
Going On
Best Friends My attitude Express Yourself You've Got It
P4F Diamondz (suite) Just Having Some Fun Let Go Hang On Forever Diamondz Que Tal
Fashion PixiezBratz film 6 We're Gonna Rock One Of A Kind The Groove We're Getting
It Right
Look Closer I've Got Your Back Strong Enough It's A Girl Thing
Fashion Pixiez Working Overtime I Won't Stop Who Dunnit Just Let
Go Now
Girlz Really RockBratz film 12 Friends Are Everything We're Gonna Shine! Summertime Fun Something
So Right
It's All About Me Is My Dream
Worth The Price?
Everything We Do I Deserve It
Pampered PetzBratz film 13 Let's Celebrate Don't Give Up
Desert JewelzBratz film 14 Think About It Desert Jewelz
Fashion Show

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